Keola delivers quality lighting from Spanninga

A good e-bike has good lighting. To make sure our e-bikes are clearly visible in the dark, Keola works together with Spanninga. The Dutch brand has been developing bike-lighting since 1933. This accumulated experience provides Keola e-bikes with exclusive, innovative and high quality lighting. Keola e-bikes are equipped with Spanninga front- and rear lighting. We are furthermore capable to equip e-bikes with the high-end lighting of Busch & Muller.

Keola works together with Spanninga to ensure the best bike lighting. The e-bikes are equipped with the newest lighting innovations:

  • Light Line Technology©
  • Reverse Beam technology©

Light Line Technology©

In the Light Line Technology© just one energy efficient LED is applied. The light is guided by a special light conductor, that is shaped in the form of a line. The shapes of the light beam and light window are designed so that the light is clearly visible on both sides of the bike. The same technique is used in the automotive industry for designing trendy, creative and unique rear lights. Nowadays rear lights do not only determine the identity of cars, but of (e-)bikes as well.

Reverse Beam Technology©

The Reverse Beam Technology© ensures that just a quarter of the energy of a regular light bulb is used, while the same light output is created with hardly any loss of heat development. The light from the LED shines backwards onto a mirror, directed in a conical bundle with a perfect light scattering. This way, the light is scattered over a large surface, making sure it is less glaring for the eyes. The result is a minimal loss of light and low energy usage.

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