Shimano or NuVinci?

Gears are an essential part of the e-bike. In addition to the pedal assistance, the gear levels are indispensable for creating a fully personalized riding experience. Keola builds e-bikes with a range of possible gear systems, including:

  • Shimano Derailleur system
  • Shimano Nexus system (3, 7 of 8)
  • NuVinci 330/380 system - stepless shifting
  • Sturmey Archer system
  • Shimano Nexus system

    The 7 or 8 gear systems are more than sufficient when the e-bike is used for riding in the city or to work. Keola e-bikes are equipped with the Shimano Nexus 7 or 8 gear system. When riding away the user can utilize the lightweight gears and subsequently shift to heavier gears.

    Keola e-bikes are standardly delivered with closed hub, so that the e-bike remains in good condition and little maintenance is necessary. Shimano Nexus stands for quality and that is noticeable for the user. One disadvantage of the Shimano system, is that the user cannot keep pedaling during shifting. For cyclists who would like to pedal and shift simultaneously, we have the NuVinci system.


    The unique NuVinci gear hubs give cyclists the opportunity to continually change the gear ratio between the pedals and the rear wheel. By spinning the spin shifter just a little bit, the gear level is steplessly adjusted. This goes very easy and comfortable. It makes no difference if the cyclist is waiting for a traffic light or puts full strain on the pedals: NuVinci adapts effortlessly to Keola e-bikes.

    Key features of the NuVinci system:

    Stepless shifting
    Effortless shifting, even in heavy conditions
    Bigger gear range than most conventional gear systems

    Keola e-bikes are currently build with C3 shifter or C8 shifter. Interested in which models are currently produced with NuVinci systems? Check here our NuVinci models.

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