Keola e-bikes

Keola is a specialist in building e-bikes. From comfortable city bikes to adventurous touring bikes and from sound transport bikes to practical folding bikes.

Keola e-bikes

Our technologies

For creating the best riding experience

Our technologies
The battery
How far can you go?Keola supplies various types of batteries with high capacities.V
Mid drive motor
With a mid drive motor you ride more naturally and comfortable than with a front wheel drive..V
Sit comfortable during your rideKeola e-bikes are standardly equipped with the best (gel)saddles.V
For the numbersLook here to see how fast you're going and how long your battery will last.V
Front wheel motor
Most front wheel motors have 9 support settings.V
Gear hub
Shift to the right gear!Keola e-bikes are standardly equipped with Shimano or NuVinci gears.V


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Frisse, nieuwe start voor e-bike fabrikant Keola
17 Oktober 2018
Frisse, nieuwe start voor e-bike fabrikant KeolaLees verder  
Keola produceert 60.000 e-bikes per jaar
11 Oktober 2018
Keola produceert 60.000 e-bikes per jaarLees verder  
E-bike fabrikant Keola neemt E-wise over
9 November 2017
E-bike fabrikant Keola neemt E-wise overLees verder  
Keola vertienvoudigd productiecapaciteit in Nederland
3 November 2017
Keola vertienvoudigd productiecapaciteit in NederlandLees verder  
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